7 tips for successful hotel sales by Konen & Lorenzen

Konen & Lorenzen is your competent partner when selling your hotel. With more than 26 years of experience in the hotel and catering industry, we know exactly how a successful hotel sale is structured. The following tips are intended to give you an overview of the pitfalls involved in marketing hotel properties. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about selling your hotel.

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Our 7 tips for successful hotel sales

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Preparation of the hotel sale

A hotel sale should be prepared in the best possible way and the right time must be chosen. Ideally, the sale of a hotel should not be done out of necessity, but should be planned in detail. What does this mean in concrete terms?

Due to the fact that the special property hotel is seen as an operator’s property, the earnings value is used as the basis for assessing a possible price. This means that economically successful businesses achieve higher sales proceeds.

The aim of every hotel sale should therefore be to present the business in the best possible economic light and make it attractive to future buyers.

Professional valuation of the hotel property

Determining the right price for the sale of a hotel property is sometimes very complex. As described above, this is a special property that is valued using the income capitalization approach in particular. This valuation of the property should be carried out by an industry expert so that it is neutral and reliable. Konen & Lorenzen offers a free, fully digital and non-binding initial evaluation which can give an approximate idea of a possible selling price.

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To the hotel property rating

In the run-up to marketing your hotel, a meaningful and professional data room should be created. This data room provides the basis for efficient and reliable hotel sales. It contains all relevant data that is relevant for a later examination by interested parties, for example: Business management evaluations, manager reports from the hotel software, anonymized organizational charts, floor plans and other information.

This information should be compiled in advance in a structured manner so that a prompt purchase check can be carried out by interested parties.

Image material & marketing documents

The hotel industry thrives on emotions and emotions can be conveyed in the first step through good images so that initial interest is aroused. Professional and high-resolution images are therefore very important in the marketing of hotel properties.

These images also form the basis for professional marketing documents for hotel sales, so that a meaningful exposé and further information can be prepared for the initial contact with interested parties.

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Guarantee of confidentiality

In particular, confidentiality in the brokerage of hotel properties is one of the qualifications that Konen & Lorenzen can cover in the best possible way through its network in the hotel industry.

Many hoteliers who wish to sell their property rightly fear that their employees will find out about their intention to sell, which could lead to uncertainty within the company. It is therefore advisable to ensure strict confidentiality and not to advertise the hotel sale on the public market.

If you are interested in a strictly confidential process, we are at your disposal as professional hotel brokers.

Flexibility in hotel sales

It is generally advisable to bring a high degree of flexibility to the entire sales process. This applies to the sale price, the time horizon and the terms of sale when selling a hotel. You should meet your own requirements and the requirements of interested buyers in the best possible way. Alternative solutions, such as a temporary lease or an option to purchase a lease, can be possibilities that increase the success of the hotel sale.

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Professional advice

A hotel sale requires professional support. We recommend involving specialists so that all scenarios are covered in the best possible way. It is advisable to select a suitable tax consultant and legal advisor to accompany the process of selling your hotel. Konen & Lorenzen can be your link and provide the best possible support for your hotel sale. The above requirements are covered in the best possible way. Benefit from our many years of experience and guarantee the strict confidentiality and professionalism of your hotel sale.

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