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Konen & Lorenzen is a hotel broker for the confidential sale of hotels. Thanks to our 25-year network in the hotel and catering industry, we offer efficient brokerage of hotel properties. Our partners include hotel companies, investors and project developers who are actively looking for new hotel properties. We offer hotel properties to the right target groups and enable prompt hotel brokerage.

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Our large network of operators enables us to approach suitable candidates directly.

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Determination of leasehold value

As experts in the hotel industry, we determine the market rental value of your property for you and thus facilitate a long-term lease.

Requirement profile

As every hotel is unique, we work with our clients to develop an individual requirements profile, which forms the basis for the subsequent choice of operator.

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Inidividual advice

Company succession, expiring leases or operator-free properties. The search for a suitable operator can have various reasons. We guarantee the utmost confidentiality when directly approaching suitable operating companies.

In our free initial consultation, we find out what your current needs are and draw up an individual requirements profile for you. Based on this requirements profile, we present you with suitable operators for your unique project. We are happy to offer individual consultations for all medium-sized and large hotel companies as well as individual operators for special hotel properties.

Determination of leasehold value

Benefit from the largest network in the hotel and catering industry. On request, the operator placement can also take place off-market and without public tenders and advertisements.

In addition, we offer to determine a lease value based on past business figures so that you can pass on your hotel at the right lease rate. As part of an individual analysis, we recommend further lease conditions that create a basis for long-term tenants.

Our strong cooperation network with partners such as MICEview provides us with a reliable database for a competent lease valuation.

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Our Frequently Asked Questions
on the subject of operator mediation in the hotel industry

Find out more about operator placement / operator search in the hotel industry and read our FAQ. If you have any further questions, we will be happy to talk to you personally.

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Why should I look for an operator through Konen & Lorenzen?

With Konen & Lorenzen, you have a reliable partner for your operator search. For over 25 years, we have maintained the strongest network in the hotel and catering industry. With over 150,000 industry contacts and the cooperation of over 300 operating companies, we will always find the right operator for you. Konen & Lorenzen is the extended arm of the expansion strategy of numerous companies.

We use our experience to analyze your location and only approach suitable operators for the project. By approaching suitable operating companies in a targeted manner, we enable an efficient search for operators. Benefit from the advisory services of our experts, who will introduce you to the business models of the operating companies. We will show you the strengths and weaknesses of individual companies and provide you with comprehensive support in your search for an operator.

Who are the clients for an operator placement?

We support a wide range of clients and motivations during the search for an operator. Institutional investors, owner cooperatives, private individuals and other groups make use of our operator search services.

We are also the right partner for you when it comes to company succession. Would you like to keep the hotel in your portfolio and have an operator continue to run your company? We can also offer you a large network of suitable operators.

We select suitable operators for different properties and locations based on the requirements profile. We can compare the potential of different operating companies and provide a reliable assessment of the success of the operating company.

How do you get listed as an operator?

Different locations and properties require different operators. Konen & Lorenzen provides support in the search for operators by transparently evaluating the operating companies.

This includes assessing the experience and track record of the individual operating companies. Our expertise enables us to directly assess whether an operating company is suitable for a specific location. If an operator is interested in a location, the so-called head of terms (key points of the lease agreement) are obtained and compared with other operating companies and the standard market values. We also evaluate the business model of the operating companies and thus facilitate long-term partnerships.

Which locations are operating companies looking for?

In recent years, many operating companies have focused on prime locations in the Big 7 cities. However, a trend towards B and C destinations can now also be seen. Alternative hotel and restaurant products in combination with digitalized approaches make it possible for operating companies to operate economically in many cities. We check the respective location with you and give you a direct assessment of whether there are suitable operators in our network.

How high is the market rent?

Two different approaches can be used to determine the market rent. On the one hand, reference values from previous leases in the past can be used for a valuation. On the other hand, percentages are defined as a rule of thumb which are considered economically feasible for an operating company.

A different percentage is applied depending on the business model. Restaurants, for example, are valued with a lease of 8% to 12% of total turnover. Full-service hotels in urban locations can generate a rent of between 12% and 19%, whereas hotels with a strong tourist focus pay around 14%. Limited-service hotels (e.g. Hotel Garnis) pay the highest rent, with a rent of between 19% and 23%.

The location, general facilities and condition of the property, as well as the desired use, must be taken into account when assessing the rent. We will be happy to provide you with an initial consultation free of charge.

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