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Interim management describes the temporary deployment of leading personnel to overcome specific challenges. With Konen & Lorenzen, we provide experienced interim managers in the hotel and catering industry.

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Bridging short-term bottlenecks

For managerial positions, it is a good idea to fill short-term vacancies with experienced interim management and thus avoid having to accept deficits.

Acquire expertise

With an interim manager at your side, you can quickly acquire sound expertise and deploy it in your hotel in a targeted manner.


With interim management, there is no long-term commitment as an employer. This provides a high degree of cost flexibility.

Interim Management Hotel

Temporary management

Whether due to parental leave, illness or retirement, it can always happen that the holder of a managerial position is absent at short notice and the time until their return is difficult to bridge with existing capacities. An interim manager can be an extremely sensible solution here.

Our network has numerous qualified interim managers who are ready to tackle new challenges. Whether you are looking for active management support or experienced input from seasoned experts, we can help you find a professional interim manager.

Acquire expertise

The search for suitable specialists who have the desired skills and the necessary expertise is often time-consuming. Words such as digitalization or process optimization in particular are often intangible and difficult to implement in practice without concrete proposals for action. Added to this is the need for core competencies in specialist areas such as sales or HR. An interim manager is an expert in these areas and will be happy to support you in driving innovation in your hotel.

Are you an experienced interim manager and would like to use your skills? Then register with us now as an interim manager and find hotels that need your expertise.

Interim Management Hotel

Request an interim manager now

Request suitable candidates from our large network of candidates today without obligation and receive prompt offers for suitable interim management in the hotel & catering industry.

Our Frequently Asked Questions
on the subject interim management in the hotel industry

Find out more about interim management in the hotel industry and read our FAQ. If you have any further questions, we will be happy to talk to you personally.

FAQ interim manager hotel industry

When does it make sense to use an interim manager?

An interim manager is only called into a company for a limited period of time. The use of an interim manager therefore makes the most sense when there are shortfalls or bottlenecks at management level that need to be bridged. Another way to use interim managers sensibly would be to implement new processes, for example in the areas of finance, HR or IT, where the search for and training of a new employee would be more time-consuming and costly than the costs of an interim manager. In the hotel industry in particular, there are very often hotel rebrandings, hotel takeovers or new openings, where a quick and professional strengthening of the management level can have an extremely positive impact. However, there does not always have to be a structural reason why an interim manager is brought into the business. The use of an interim manager also makes sense in the event of bottlenecks due to the health problems of the job holder or when maternity leave or parental leave is taken.

Is an interim manager permanently employed by my company?

An interim manager is a freelancer and works under a service contract, which usually lasts for several months. They are therefore not employed by the company as an employee. You can find a precise definition in the Gabler Wirtschaftslexikon.

What tasks does interim management involve in the hotel & catering industry?

An interim manager can be deployed in all management functions. With Konen & Lorenzen, we have a resilient network in interim management, which can be deployed in a variety of ways or in your specialist areas. Based on our database, we can advise you on the selection of the right interim manager, be it in the field of human resources, finance, IT or general management. Register now as an interim manager.

Why is it advantageous to look for an interim manager for the hotel or catering industry through Konen & Lorenzen?

If you decide to work with one of our interim managers, there are a number of advantages for you. First of all, we would determine your needs in an initial meeting and provide you with comprehensive advice in your decision-making process for the right interim manager. We then activate our industry-specific network and find the ideal interim manager for your current challenge, who will bring their individual qualifications to your company in a profitable way. By working with us, you can be sure that the quality of the interim manager’s work is assured and that they have sufficient positive references. You also ensure that there are no claims arising from the employment relationship for a permanent position, as in interim management you only enter into a contractual relationship with Konen & Lorenzen. Because we have built up our network over 25 years, we know both the hard and soft skills of the candidates and can present reliable interim managers.

What does the process look like for an interim manager placement?

The client creates an individual requirement profile for an interim manager with Konen & Lorenzen and concludes a placement agreement with Konen & Lorenzen. Konen & Lorenzen then activates its interim manager network, which is searched for suitable candidates.
Once suitable candidates have been identified and approached, Konen & Lorenzen concludes a contractual relationship with the interim manager for the position to be filled and the defined period.
There is therefore no contractual relationship between the interim manager and the client. Konen & Lorenzen acts as a contractual partner to the client and as a contractual partner to the interim manager and manages the administrative tasks.

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