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Our industry experts use their many years of expertise to assess the value of your hotel property realistically and in detail. In our hotel property valuation, we have various options at our disposal, such as the comparative value method and the capitalized earnings value method.

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In addition to a comprehensive hotel property valuation, we also offer a free initial assessment. You will receive an initial property valuation automatically or within a few hours.

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Discretion is our top priority, as it is essential for assessing the value of your hotel property. We assure you that your calculation data will be treated confidentially.

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Thanks to our industry specialization, we have extensive knowledge of the hotel market. This gives us a high level of expertise in the specialist hotel property sector.

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Estimating a standard market selling price for a hotel is far more complex than estimating a privately used property. Due to the special features of special real estate, it is advisable to commission an industry expert. As experts in the hotel industry, we are at your side every step of the way during the valuation of your hotel property and the subsequent sale.

The value of a hotel is determined not only by factors such as the building and land, but also by the operator and its lease agreement.

With us, you can have a professional hotel property valuation carried out using industry-standard methods.

Free initial assessment

To give you a good overview of the overall value, our industry experts will be happy to help. For a first impression, you can use our free hotel property valuation to calculate the sales value of your hotel within a short period of time.

The property valuation is based on the comparative value method and is completely digital, non-binding and fast.


Our Frequently Asked Questions
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Find out more about hotel property valuation and read our FAQ. If you have any further questions, we will be happy to talk to you personally.

FAQ hotel property valuation

How is the value of a hotel determined?

Several valuation methods can be used to determine the value of a hotel or hotel property. The following valuation methods are typically used in the real estate industry:

The net asset value method and the market value method are rather unsuitable for the valuation of hotel properties. For an initial valuation of the hotel, the comparative value method is usually used, which can provide an indication of a rough guide price.
So that hotel properties can be considered in full, the income capitalization approach is then used, which forecasts the profitability of the individual business and derives an expected income from this. The income expectation describes the potential rent that can be generated by a tenant in the future. Industry-standard key figures are used here.

How do I calculate the comparative value for a hotel property valuation?

The number of rooms in particular is decisive for the comparative value, which is multiplied by various industry-specific comparative values. The multipliers can be derived from the star category, for example, so that different values are assumed for the price of a room. The calculation is therefore based on the number of rooms multiplied by the price/room. The following auxiliary table provides a rough overview of the price that can be assumed for each star category or the quality of the hotel:

The indicated purchase prices per room can be used to approximate the total purchase price of a hotel. The respective margins must be considered separately. For example, the location and technical equipment must also be roughly analyzed in a hotel property valuation.
If you are looking for a free initial valuation for your hotel, we will be happy to help you. Our free hotel property valuation evaluates your hotel in just a few steps based on the comparative value method.

Is there a simple rule of thumb for calculating the hotel value?

A rule of thumb can be used for a simple valuation of the hotel, which refers to the annual net turnover of the establishment. For this purpose, the star category of a hotel is again evaluated and the appropriate multiplier is selected accordingly. This is as follows for the different star categories:

Higher multipliers can also be assumed for exclusive hotel products in top locations. We are happy to support you in maximizing the value of your hotel.

How much does a hotel real estate valuation cost?

With Konen & Lorenzen, we offer a free initial assessment of your hotel property using the comparative value method.

We can also offer you further analysis for your hotel property. We look at the capitalized earnings value for you and thus forecast a price that is ideal for market entry. We charge different daily rates for these services depending on their complexity.

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